Friday, 6 September 2013

#R2BC Back to School Joy

This week, most parents have been going around with either a big grin on their faces or looking a little lost. 

The reason?

Kids have finally gone back to school!!!

To be honest, we haven't had much of a summer holiday this year. In the beginning I was heavily pregnant and the weather was just too hot for me to bear, not to mention daddy was working late most evenings and most days and even on the occasional weekend, which meant that we weren't able to go anywhere. Then the baby made her appearance (see Welcoming Our New Arrival) and I spent almost a week in hospital as her blood glucose levels were too low. Finally we were home and it was time to go away for a week on holiday. Sadly daddy had a severe ear infection which meant he was in pain which made him very cranky an moody and meant that he couldn't go swimming with the kids and neither could I. Thankfully granddad could, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to go at all. Then before we knew it, it was time to think about back to school and daddy was back at work.

So this week, my Reasons to be Cheerful is that the children are back at school and we can start settling into a routine. 

My 4 Daughters!

It is also the only year that I will have all four in the same school as my 3yr old starts nursery class and my 10yr old son starts year 6 and his final year at primary school!

Altogether for the first and last year!

Having the kids back at school also meant I got to show off the baby as so many of my friends hadn't been able to see her during the holidays.

Thankfully my 3yr old is quite happy to go to school and the teachers are really good at distracting her and taking her off at me as she does get a little tearful at the door.

I'm also cheerful because the baby is doing so well. She is 4wks old today and breastfeeding like a little champ, something which I thought wasn't going to happen at one point. She weighed 7lb 11oz when she was born, but at a week old her weight had dropped to 7lb 5oz. She was weighed again last week at 2wks old and her weight had gone up to 7lb 15oz so I must be doing something right :)

My littlest daughter aged 3 days
Isn't she adorable and already so cheeky

I also took my 10yr old son for a hospital appointment yesterday. For years now we've been having trouble with his ears and his hearing (something he's inherited from his daddy and something which also affects his 6yr old sister) and he had grommets in his ears when he was 7. Last year we noticed he had a grommet sitting in his ear canal and he started complaining his ears were hurting and he was referred back to the ENT. He saw them a few months ago but sadly he messed about during his hearing test and they arranged to see him again. Thankfully this time he paid attention and passed! Such a relief and he was treated to a McDonalds lunch afterwards for behaving, which as we don't have one near home, is a big (and occasional) treat for him. 

So these are my reasons for being cheerful this week! What are yours? Why not join in with Mich from Mummy From the Heart and her weekly blog hop #R2BC and share what's making you happy this week. Too often we get caught up in all the negatives that surround us and it's nice to take a minute to realise that no matter how dark things may seem, there's always something to be positive about, no matter how small!


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