Friday, 13 September 2013

#R2BC Getting Back into a Routine

The first full week of school is over, which means (hopefully) that all paperwork has been completed and that everyone is settled in. Judging by how cranky my 8yr old has been the past couple of nights, it's also been very tiring for them as well!

My 3yr old has settled in quite happily and loves going to school. She is a little upset that she isn't going to her older sisters class though and told me "I'm big enough now!" when I told her she couldn't go. She's quickly making friends and even went to a party this week. As for me, I still can't believe she's in school. She looks too little, they all do!

My 6yr old daughter was really brave on Monday and had her tooth out. I couldn't believe how big it was! It just goes to prove that you never stop learning as I never realised that baby teeth have roots as well! I just assumed they didn't as they never have them when they fall out, although thinking about it logically it makes sense as how else would they anchor in place! The dentist (who was lovely) explained that as the new teeth start to form behind the milk teeth, the roots shrivel up and as they get smaller they lose their grip on the gum and that's how they fall out. Again it makes complete sense and you're left feeling dumb for not working that out!

On Tuesday my son had another hospital appointment, following last weeks audiology. He passed his hearing test last week and the ENT consultant was happy to discharge him, especially as he hasn't complained about his ears hurting for a while. He did remove the grommet that has been sitting in his ear canal for months in case that was causing the pain. He had the grommet inserted over 3 years ago and although it had come out of the ear drum and the hole had closed up, it had stayed in the ear canal. The other one fell out ages ago! I must admit that the grommet didn't look anything at all like I imagined! The dr gave it to him to take to school to show everyone, but sadly he lost it on the way home so I couldn't get a picture of it!

On Thursday the oldest two girls started back at Brownies and Rainbows. In a way it's quite sad that this is the last term that my 6yr old will be a Rainbow, she turns 7 at the start of December and will become a Brownie after Christmas. My 8yr old is already hoping that she doesn't join the same six! In January I will put my 3yr old's name down for Rainbows as she turns 4, although she can't join until she's 5. At least I'll have a year off from juggling Rainbows and Brownies! 

I've actually lost some weight and my jeans feel a bit loose. Of course, having a baby usually means you lose some weight, but at the end of my pregnancy I weighed less than I did at the start of the pregnancy. I'm trying to do some walking and walking along the prom when I get chance, often when my 3yr old is at school in the morning. I really want to lose some weight and I'm seriously thinking about joining Slimming World as my mum and dad have both lost weight with them and I like that you don't have to count points. 

So these are my reasons for being cheerful this week! What are yours? Why not join in with Mich from Mummy From the Heart and her weekly blog hop #R2BC and share what's making you happy this week. Too often we get caught up in all the negatives that surround us and it's nice to take a minute to realise that no matter how dark things may seem, there's always something to be positive about, no matter how small!


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